Akita & Child


At first, our home was graced with the noble presence of Akitas.
Then, a new chapter began with the arrival of our children, bringing a different kind of joy and energy into our lives. The transition was seamless and heartwarming, as our Akitas embraced the new members of our family with open hearts and gentle patience. It has been a beautiful journey to witness the mutual acceptance and the blossoming bond between them.

Watching our children and Akitas grow and play together is a sight to behold.
Their shared moments range from boisterous play in the garden to quiet companionship on lazy afternoons, each encounter strengthening the bond they share.

Yet, amidst these idyllic scenes, we are constantly reminded of the importance of guidance and vigilance. Nurturing a safe and respectful relationship between our children and dogs requires a mindful approach. It’s about teaching our children to recognize and respect the boundaries of their four-legged siblings, and equally, training our Akitas to be gentle and patient with their human counterparts.

In weaving this delicate fabric of family life, where children and dogs share their days, the threads of responsibility and guidance are paramount. It’s essential to remember that dogs, much like humans, experience a spectrum of emotions—they can feel joy, irritation, sadness, and may not always be in the mood for play. Recognizing and respecting their feelings is crucial in fostering a harmonious relationship. A sleeping dog, for instance, should be allowed its rest, undisturbed, as this respect for their space and needs teaches children valuable lessons in empathy and consideration.

Moreover, vigilant observation of the interactions between dogs and young children is indispensable. It’s our duty to ensure that children understand the importance of not crossing certain boundaries, such as bothering a dog when it seeks solitude or is enjoying its meal. This careful oversight not only prevents misunderstandings but also reinforces the safe, respectful coexistence between our Akitas and children. Through such guidance, we instill in our children the understanding that a dog’s tolerance and affection are gifts, not entitlements, fostering a relationship built on mutual respect and care.