Akita Inu Hozonkai


Akita Inu Hozonkai (AKIHO) – Akita Dog Preservation Association

AKIHO stands as a beacon of heritage and culture in Japan, dedicated to the preservation of the Akita breed. Established in 1927, AKIHO is revered as the oldest and most respected society focused on upholding the legacy of this noble breed. At the heart of AKIHO’s mission lies the commitment to preserving the pure bloodline of the Akita Inu, a task that encompasses safeguarding the breed’s physical features, temperament and natural abilities. This ensures that the Akita Inu remains an embodiment of its historical and cultural significance.

AKIHO organizes numerous events throughout the year, including the renowned Honbuten shows, which are pivotal in celebrating the breed’s heritage and attracting Akita enthusiasts worldwide. These events are more than mere dog shows; they are a tribute to the breed’s storied past.

The organization’s influence extends to educating the public about the Akita Inu. Through various channels like seminars, publications and online resources, AKIHO disseminates information about the breed’s history, thereby preserving the breed’s rich history, which includes maintaining records and artifacts.

While rooted in Japan, AKIHO’s influence is undeniably global. Its collaboration with international Akita clubs and breeders has fostered a worldwide appreciation for the breed. Many Akita outside Japan can trace their lineage back to dogs registered with AKIHO, underscoring the organization’s extensive impact.

In essence, the Akita Inu Hozonkai transcends the conventional role of a breed registry, emerging as a custodian of a profound cultural legacy. Through its unwavering dedication to the Akita Inu, AKIHO not only preserves a significant chapter of Japan’s canine heritage but also ensures the breed’s prominence as a symbol of pride and history across the globe.

First registration of Akita dogs was carried out in 1937 and one year later standard of the breed was created and first Akiho exhibition was held. After World War II Akiho exhibitions were held again in 1949 and same year first Akiho biulletin was published. Then establishment of new branches started, first in Tohoku, Kanto, Kansai, Hokkaido, Tokai Hokuriku, Chugoku Setouchi, Kyushu and Shikoku. Nowadays there are more than 50 branches in Japan and all around the world: in USA, China, Taiwan, Russia and Europe. In Europe there are already 5 branches: in Italy, Franche, Ukraine, Bulgaria and newest one in Poland (Akiho Central Europe).

In Japan there are two types of shows: 
the Honbuten, the most prestigious show, occurs twice a year: in the spring usually in Odate, where the Akiho Headquarters is located, and in late autumn in a different city, organized by various Akiho branches.; and local shows, known as Shibuten, organized by Akiho branches throughout Japan, with each branch hosting one or two shows annually.

These shows are specialized for the Akita breed and are judged by experts in the field.

The highest title an Akita can receive in Japan, considered also the most esteemed title within the breed in the world, is ‘Meiyosho,’ which can only be awarded in the Seiken A class (for dogs over 48 months old) at Honbuten shows. The second-highest title is ‘Tokuyuu,’ achievable in the Seiken class at Shibuten shows or in the Seiken B and Seiken A classes at Honbuten shows.

In Europe, there are two Akiho shows: one in Italy and another organized by one of the active Akiho branches. These are Shibuten rank shows where Akitas are evaluated by official Akiho judges from Japan. Starting in 2023, a new title, ‘Eiyosho,’ has been introduced for Akiho Shows in Europe, serving as a counterpart to the Meiyosho title awarded at Honbuten Shows in Japan.

So far, this title has been awarded to two dogs only: the brindle TORA ISHII from the Casa Saporito kennel from Italy, and – our own bred brindle KUROZANE GO Fuen No Oka (son of RASHOMON GO Fuen No Oka).


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