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Fuen No Oka: Breeding excellent Akitas with Pride and Passion

We are long-time breeders who have dedicated our lives to preserving the one and only breed – Akita inu.
For many years now, we have been one of the leading Japanese Akita breeders in Europe and in the world.

We have imported over 20 beautiful specimens from the best bloodlines directly from Japan.
We have bred MEIYOSHO WINNER, 20 prestigious TOKUYUU WINNERS,

We have also won twice the most presitigious title of MEIYOSHOU at Honbuten Shows in Japan.

We have bred and handled one of only two EIYOSHOU WINNERS so far.

We kindly invite you to get to know us and our dogs better.

about our breeding

Our Akita breeding program is a labor of love that combines many years of experience, unwavering passion and profound admiration for this remarkable breed. We are committed to producing Akitas that embody the best of their linage and continue to contribute to the legacy of these magnificent dogs.

Every step of our breeding process is guided by our commitment to preserving and promoting the Akita’s unique qualities. We take pride in our long history of nurturing and rising these noble dogs, ensuring they maintain their distinctive characteristics, strong physique and gentle yet friectly loyal temperament.

Our breeding program has achieved significant success in the world of dog shows, but our passion for Akitas extends much further beyond the show ring and into our daily lives. We believe that the bond is essential in producing well-rounded, happy and healthy Akitas.

At the heart of our breeding philosophy is a deep respect for the breed’s history and heritage. We strive to uphold the Akita’s traditions while continually improving its health, conformation and temperament.


We are proud to be the only breeding
outside of Japan to have won the MEIYOSHO title two times in history.

We are the first and only Akita breeding in Poland and one of the few in Europe to successfully showcase our dogs at the most prestigious Akita show in Japan – Honbuten.

We also actively participate in Akiho Shows across Europe, including Italy, France and Poland. Our dogs consistently achieve top placements, and we are proud to have the highest number of prestigious Tokuyuu titles, with 17 of our dogs holding this distinction.

We also participate in the most important shows in Poland and Europe, where our Fuen No Oka dogs have won prestigious titles, including World Winners and World and European Junior Winners.

In Poland, our dogs have consistently achieved success by winning the Club Winner and Poland Winner titles for many consecutive years.

Our dogs enjoy 3 hectares of carefully designed outdoor spaces. These areas prioritize their comfort and safety while providing ample opportunities
for play and exploration.

Our gardens feature knolls, pits, copses, and cozy hideouts, allowing them to bask in the sun or seek shade during warm days. Most importantly, our dogs adore this place as much as we do.

We love traveling with our dogs; they make wonderful companions and relish sightseeing as much as we do.

Not only do we travel around Poland and Europe, but we also frequently visit Japan. We are grateful for the opportunity to explore the amazing country of Akita’s origin with our Akitas, seeking out places connected to Akitas and their history.


Character of Akita

It’s difficult to describe all aspects of the Akita’s nature. Generally it’s a dog that could be described as a conditionally domesticated wolf. Why? Well, none of the most ‘velvety’ condition will not diminish its adaptive skills or hunting or territorial protection instinct...

Before you get a Puppy

While an Akita may seem a teddy bear, you should know that this clever, independent and dynamic dog is not for everyone. Owning an Akita is a long-term committment that requires dedication, time and effort. By understanding the unique characteristics and considerations of this breed, you can ensure a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your Akita companion....

Akita Inu Hozonkai

AKIHO - Akita inu Hozonkai - Akita Dog Preservation Assoiation, was established in 1928 in Odate in Japan. lts mission is to preserve the breed from rossbreeding. lt is a default organisation for Akita in íts origin country...