Our Journeys


Our travels across Europe and to Japan with our Akitas have turned each trip into a great adventure, deeply enriching the experience for all of us. Whether wandering through European landscapes or exploring the ancestral lands of Japan, our Akitas’ enthusiasm for new sights, sounds, and smells has been infectious, making every moment more memorable.

Their joy in discovering new territories, from from the rugged coasts to the charming towns of Japan to the bustling streets of European cities, has not only been a delight to witness but has also led us to unexpected discoveries. Each walk and exploration with them has unveiled hidden gems, transforming ordinary journeys into extraordinary experiences. Moments of simple pleasure have added a unique flavor to our travels.

But above all, it’s the companionship and the moments spent together that we value the most. Watching the sunset and having our loved ones beside us is the most precious thing under the sun. Traveling with them has taught us to see the world from a slightly different perspective and with even greater wonder and curiosity, but at the same time, it has forced us to look for other paths, places, accommodations, and restaurants 🙂 something that every travel enthusiast and dog owner will understand best. But it’s precisely these minor inconveniences that allow us to discover new things and herald new adventures and shades of travel. We eagerly await our next escapades in the best company.


Odate, Kyoto, Matsushima, Takayama, Tokyo
2014 - 2023





Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey

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